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Cannabis for Autoimmune Disorders

For many people in Canada and across the world living with pain and health issues is a major part of their daily struggle. When these health issues are caused by an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis relief from pain and discomfort can unfortunately become a focal point of a person's […]
June 22, 2021
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For many people in Canada and across the world living with pain and health issues is a major part of their daily struggle. When these health issues are caused by an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis relief from pain and discomfort can unfortunately become a focal point of a person's lifestyle. Thankfully with the legalization of cannabis in Canada relief is often more readily available to people than it ever has been before and it can be accessed without any need for consultation with a physician or first obtaining a prescription!

Cannabis for Autoimmune Disorder

That said if you yourself are suffering or suspect you may be suffering from a chronic autoimmune disorder you should always consult with your family doctor or physician before diagnosing and attempting to treat yourself. Cannabis has a long and proven track record helping people who are struggling with the pain and discomfort of an autoimmune disorder regain control over their lives and wellbeing but should only be used in this manner under the guidance of a trained medical professional.

What Are Autoimmune Disorders?

What Are Autoimmune Disorders?

Autoimmune disorders are any type of body disorder that can cause irregular over or under activation of the body's natural immune defense system. In the case of over activation the immune system responds to a triggering stimuli which causes it to overproduce antibodies which, finding no threat to deal with, end up attacking the healthy tissues and organs of the host body instead. Healthy organs like the heart, brain, skin, eyes, digestive tract, nerves, lungs and joints are all susceptible to be affected by this issue. Where under activation is the concern the body struggles and fails to produce the necessary antibodies to battle with infections that actually are present in the body making the patient far more likely to suffer from illness and disease of other kinds.

Put simply autoimmune disorders are a class of diseases which cause the human body to attack and cause harm to itself through either inaction or an overwhelming amount of unnecessary and harmful actions intended to protect the body from harm. The human immune system has been developed by evolutionary processes over many thousands of years to target viruses and other pathogens than humans are frequently exposed to. Typically these systems are equipped to tell the difference between an interloping invading bacteria or viral infection and your own healthy cells, however many people across the world suffer from conditions which make this process extremely difficult or sometimes even impossible.

When this happens your immune system wages all out war against your own body and the effects can be absolutely devastating and often completely debilitating. As antibodies are sent out to attack healthy tissue, organs or skin the results often come hand in hand with extreme discomfort and pain.

Some of the most common autoimmune disorders known to modern science include conditions like multiple sclerosis which attacks the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves and Crohn's disease which can wreak havoc on the human digestive system.

Treatment for Autoimmune Disorders

Modern science still doesn’t completely understand exactly why the human body suffers from the attacks of its own immune system under these conditions but a constant symptom of many of these debilitating disorders is inflammation. No matter the true cause of the disorder inflamed swollen redness, heat, discomfort and debilitating dysfunction can all be par for the course when you are struggling with an autoimmune disorder. Tragically there is no cure for any of these conditions known to modern medical science and treatment options are few and far between for most patients.

Medicines typically prescribed to sufferers of autoimmune disorders typically work to reduce inflammation and also reduce the production of antibodies or suppress the immune system. Some extreme treatments referred to as immunosuppressant medicines can actually go so far as to stifle the entire function of the immune system allowing for the patient to experience a reprieve from the constant harm being inflicted upon them by their own body.

Unfortunately the vast majority of these traditional medical treatments come with a wide range of their own unpleasant side effects which can range from mildly unpleasant to extremely dangerous. Disabling the entire immune system to prevent the body from attacking itself for instance comes with the extreme risk of exposing the patient to other forms of illness that they will be completely unable to defend against without any natural systems at the ready to dispose of it.

Treatment for Autoimmune Disorders

Marijuana and Autoimmune Disease

For many years before legalization of cannabis in Canada and now especially since its use has become more socially acceptable and commonplace more and more people are choosing to experiment with seeking relief with cannabis for inflammation, aches and pains, nausea, discomfort, stress and anxieties among many other things. Many surveys have been conducted polling patients with disorders like fibromyalgia and psoriasis among others and the results often reflect a major reduction in symptoms such as inflammation, pain and discomfort coupled with a greater ability to fall asleep and properly rest throughout the night. This seems to suggest that thc and immune system disorders are a perfect match.

The list of glowing testimonials from users all over the world who use cannabis for inflammation or other symptoms is certainly a strong indicator that marijuana and autoimmune disease sufferers could be an important pairing in the field of medical science. However a large amount of controlled scientific study still needs to be performed for the connection between marijuana and autoimmune disease symptoms to be totally understood.

Some recent research seems to suggest that cannabis and the immune system interact with one another via the endocannabinoid system which plays an important role in the human body regulating immune system functions. Immune cells are known to have the appropriate receptors - CB1 and CB2 receptors - which the cannabinoids in cannabis naturally bond to and interact with. Creating a communicative connection between thc and the immune system the body allows cannabinoids to coax it from operating in overdrive and eases down operations to slow its aggressive attack on otherwise healthy cells and tissue.

It’s an exciting time for cannabis science and much more study is being done every day in regards to cannabis and the immune system. As more and more research is done and more is understood about this fascinating interaction between cannabis and the immune system many thousands of people who struggle daily with inflammation, sore joints, unruly digestive systems and a whole host of other immune system related symptoms have already turned to cannabis to treat their conditions. A great many have also begun to spread the word far and wide that this miraculous plant has worked wonders in helping them reclaim their health and allowing them to regain a little control over their lives.

As an alternative to immunosuppressive medications research on thc and immune system disorders provides a promising option for many people struggling with one or more of these debilitating conditions without requiring the repression or complete cessation of the body’s natural immune system functions. This allows the patient to regain a sense of lost security functioning out in the world as they are not forced to be at constant risk of catching other illnesses on top of the already overwhelming struggle they are dealing with.

Marijuana and Autoimmune Disease

What About Tolerance?

It is natural for frequent users of cannabis to slowly build a tolerance to the drug and therefore over time the required dosage required to activate the natural anti-inflammatory and immune system regulatory effects of THC and CBD will necessarily need to be increased. It is possible that over time the psychedelic potency of the cannabis will subside slightly and you will find that it doesn’t hit you quite as profoundly as before however the medicinal ingredients of the cannabis plant will still take effect. It is not possible to become completely immune to marijuana however if your personal mileage and results using marijauna to treat an autoimmune disorder are noticeably reduced it is possible to remedy the situation by taking a short tolerance break or “T Break”.

Tolerance breaks or “T Breaks” have been employed by recreational smokers and medicinal cannabis users for many years to reamplify the effects of the substance for themselves and thankfully due to the nature of the cannabis plant and the effects of THC on the human body most breaks are very short - sometimes a single weekend or a five day workweek can be more than enough to reset your system and have you basking in the glow of potent medicinal and psychoactive effects again in no time.

If you take marijuana medically and are unable to take a break for any reason there are alternative methods available to you as well. Although you can’t become completely immune to marijuana the frustration of having your medicine slowly lose its effectiveness over time can be a struggle and a blow to an already compromised immune system. If you find yourself in this circumstance try switching to a product with a higher CBD to THC ratio. You may also wish to stock up on multiple strains and varieties of cannabis - perhaps a CBD heavy strain to use for medicinal purposes and a THC heavy strain for recreation and relaxation. By using only small amounts of the CBD heavy cannabis strain as part of your treatment routine you can save the pleasant and comforting psychoactive effects of your THC heavy strain for when it is time to unwind.

By maintaining a tighter control over your doses or simply using cannabis less often - for instance cutting back on recreational use in favour of only using it in a medicinal capacity - you can also gain a strong foothold over your tolerance level, keeping it in check and making certain that your medication always maintains a potent level of effectiveness.

It's All About Your Health

Here at Haute Health the wellbeing, comfort and satisfaction of our customers is our primary focus and concern. Whether you are a recreational user or a person overcoming the daily challenges of living with an immunocompromised body or dealing with any other kind of medical condition that cannabis is known to help with such as anxiety, depression and stress the crew at Haute Health are in your corner and eager to assist you.

Whether you are looking to buy pre-rolled cannabis, cannabis flowers, cannabis edibles, cannabis concentrates or even wholesale weed Haute Health is stocked up and waiting ready at your service! Take advantage of some of our smokin’ daily deals today!



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