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Haute Health - Buy Weed Online Canada
Use code: june45 for 45% off of your order and five grams of $6/gram flower for free!

Cannabis Vape

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45% off of your order and five grams of $6/gram flower for free!
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Cannabis Vape

Vaporizers are made for those looking for an easy-to-use smoking options while remaining discreet on-the-go. Our cannabis vaporizers offer the highest quality oil, extracted from premium Canadian cannabis. Vaporizing draws the whole flavor and aroma from your favourite strain, while eliminating the health ricks associated with smoking flower directly. Haute Health is the best vape shop online in Canada and we guarantee we will become your go to online vape shop.

Cannabis Vape

Vaping has become a healthier alternative to smoking flower due to the fact that vapor doesn’t release the tar and carcinogens created during combustion, instead vaporizers create a phase where the cannabis smoke is converted from liquid to vapor. Most vaporization devices are created to heat cannabis and oil just below the point of combustion (180-190 degrees Celsius), compared to smoking cannabis with a lighter which goes over the point of combustion potentially releasing harmful toxins into your lungs. Vaping typically produces more dominant flavor than smoking flower. You are able to taste things such as terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of each individual strain more prominently, whereas smoking flower burns away most of the flavour. Vaporizing cannabis gives you the option to extract the cannabinoids from the dry herb more effectively. You can often get more then one use from a single packed vape bowl. Another bonus is that you can use the burned cannabis to create edibles and tea, or even as an emergency smoke or vape. Next time you go to buy marijuana flowers products online, go and get yourself a vape pen and buy cannabis concentrates instead.

Technology has come a long way since the days of rolling papers and water bottle pipes, consumers now have a cleaner and healthier way to consume weed, while also being extremely discreet. With the introduction of cannabis extracts, vaporizers are the number one option for smoking cannabis in Canada. When it comes to vape pens, cannabis consumers are spoiled for choice, there is a pen for every type of smoker out there. You can choose a vape pen that combusts herb directly, which is the cleanest way to smoke flower. You can choose prefilled oil vape cartridges which are great for those new to vape pens and smoking concentrates, all you need to do is attach the cartridge onto the pen, push a button then inhale. It’s that easy. For those experienced smokers, dab pens are the way to go. You place your dab directly onto the coils of your dab pen, it heats up then melts down onto a wick which then absorbs the product. The wick then heats up the material to create a vapour which is then inhaled.

Looking for something other then buying marijuana flower products online? Haute Heath is the best place to buy cannabis concentrates in Canada. Our vape pens are sleek, simple, discreet and disposable. Our pens are small in size and can be taken anywhere and never be noticed. We offer two options for vaping. First is our disposable vape pens, pre-packed with 250 mg of THC, these pens pack a real punch. You can choose from over a dozen flavours, the natural fruity flavours create a delicious toke that will have you coming back for more. Second are our CBD cartridges offer a great attachment option for those who already have a vape pen, packed with 500 mg of CBD you’ll begin to feel pain free and level headed. Whether you buy weed, buy cannabis concentrates, buy edibles online or buy cannabis wholesale Haute Health is your one-top-shop for buying marijuana flower products online.


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