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Haute Health - Buy Weed Online Canada
Use code: june45 for 45% off of your order and five grams of $6/gram flower for free!


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45% off of your order and five grams of $6/gram flower for free!
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Shrooms, shrooms and more shrooms! All the strains you know & love, plus some hidden fungal gems you haven't encountered before. Psilocybin has made leaps & bounds in recent years as a powerful remedy for some very serious ailments - such as PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse and more.

Haute Health is proud to provide the highest quality mushrooms strains in a variety of options: capsules, dried caps & stems, teas and more. Trust in the healing powers of magic mushrooms, or just trip out for a night of cerebral fun with these potent fungi. is your destination for all things cannabis-related, but don't forget they offer the very best in mushrooms too!

People Also Ask:

What powers do mushrooms have?
Mushrooms come in thousands of different varieties with millions of unique benefits, uses and effects on your mental & physical wellbeing. Magic mushrooms - aka psilocybin - have been shown to be very effective at treating patients with PTSD, depression, insomnia, anxiety and even substance abuse. Mushrooms are also full of vitamins, adaptogens and essential nutrients.

What are the benefits of eating psychedelic mushrooms?
There are many neurological disorders that can be positively influenced by ingesting psilocybin mushrooms, including treatments for depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and more.

How long do mushrooms last>
How long a psychedelic experience from magic mushrooms will take to kick in, as well as how long you'll feel under the influence will depend on several key factors, such as: your tolerance/experience with psychedelics, your diet, fitness level, your genetics and those of the fungi and the dose you're taking.


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